Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Yasan manufacturing unit are qualified by world class ISO 9001, 18001, 14001 standards (bottom). Productions system are controlled by EN 1090 and Galvanizing system apply ASTM A123 standard and Welding system is conformed to applicable standard (ISO, DIN, CEN, and …) as per employer request.

Quality Strategy

Definition of quality strategy in Yasan Company is categorized by ISO standards which is our competent indication to provide quality product for transmission line projects. The outlines are list as bellows:

To Fabricate, install and deliver quality products according to international specification on agreed time.

To create proper opportunities for employees to be trained in order to promote engagement level to reach company’s targets.

To attempt for incrementing customers satisfaction.

To continuously improve procedures of business and applied technics

To establish mutual profitable connections with suppliers’ chain.


The First Step is raw materials check which must pass following steps to be accepted :

  • Material Dimensions
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Appearance Quality
  • Mechanical Test


Laboratory plays critical role in quality products. All input, production procedures and output are checked in Lab. This unit is located in QC department to ensure about quality. The lab enables Yasan Co. to Control physical, chemical and mechanical attribute of raw materials, production process and final products. This control is happen by accurate equipment and tools which are periodically checked and calibrated by accredited organizations.  

Production Control

  • During process of fabrication, hole diameter and other dimensional parameters are checked and recorded in a table sheet for weekly reports.
  • In semi-finished depot, products are randomly checked and recorded.
  • Specialized quality controllers check parts quality before galvanizing while all parts are washed with water and acid.
  • Galvanizing process is control by checking chemical analysis, optimum temperature of Zinc furnace.

Final Product

  • Final products are checked for thickness and stickiness of covered Zinc on parts. After packing process, order is controlled by Final Product Quality Inspectors who control bundling, weight of each bundle, right storing and finally right loading on board.

After all, client has this right to test any part of bundle in terms of mechanical and chemical component before shipment. This test is typically implemented in presence of client, consultant and Yasan’s agents.